Common Misconceptions about Conversion Rate Optimization

Here is an extensive list of the common misconception and myths about conversion rate optimization that might cost you your conversion! Dive in and learn what these misconceptions are and avoid doing them.

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Neil Patel

"CRO Is A Single Skill"

To be effective at conversion rate optimization, you need at least three different skill sets.

Neil Patel

"Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Is All About Following 'best Practices'"

There are no one-size-fits-all “best practices” you can apply to your industry that will be guaranteed to work.

Neil Patel

"Conversion Rate Optimization Is All About Making Small Changes That Lead To Big Rewards"

Focus on following a framework that tests all elements of your site that get in the way of user experience and conversions.

Neil Patel

"Conversion Rate Optimization Is Just About Split Testing"

CRO is all about identifying the actions of your users that lead to them buying from you. A CRO consultant’s job isn’t just to create tests; it is to identify and fix barriers to conversion on a site.

Neil Patel

"No One Reads Long Sales Copy"

In truth, people are now reading more than ever. Specially when someone becomes interested in any activity of actual commercial value, such as starting a business or getting a new job.

Neil Patel

"Your User Demographics And Audience Personas Don’t Matter"

Successful websites convert better because they create an experience tailor made for their users. They research their audience and give them something they want.

Neil Patel

"If You Focus On CRO Alone, You Can Build A Successful Business"

Focusing on CRO is great since it gives you a solid, data-driven foundation for converting customers and generating leads. This doesn’t mean that you should neglect other aspects of your business such as marketing, sales and the product itself.

Neil Patel

"You Need To Create A Uniform Experience For All Your Customers"

Understand the expectations of your users and create an experience tailored for them.

Neil Patel

"Conversion Is The Only Metric You Should Care About"

While conversion rate is important, it is only a part of the whole process. Instead, you should also pay attention to other meaningful metrics like – Visitor Recency (how long between visits) and Visitor Loyalty (how frequently people visit), etc.

Derek Gleason

"Only Three In 10 Tests Is A Winner, And That’s Okay"

A good process is key to optimization. If you have a good process, you can prioritize work and know which tactics to try (or ignore) and the order in which to try them.

Derek Gleason

"We Tried CRO For A Few Weeks. It Doesn’t Work"

Be patient, diligent, determined. Push through those early inconclusive tests before giving up the fight.

Derek Gleason

"Testing Can Validate Opinions"

A large part of optimization is trying to mitigate our cognitive biases to make more objective business decisions. Yet, too often, optimization is (mis)used to validate those biased opinions.

Derek Gleason

"Just Do What Your Competitors Are Doing"

The internet is brimming with conversion optimization case studies, so it’s tempting to fall into the trap of stealing others’ test ideas and creative efforts.

Derek Gleason

"Your Tool Will Tell You When To Stop A Test"

Tools are getting more robust and offering a more intuitive understanding of how to run a test. But you still have to learn basic statistics.

Derek Gleason

"You Can Run Experiments Without A Developer"

Your tests should tackle real issues. Your test variations should cover a wide range of ideas—and no idea for a treatment should be limited by the lack of coding skills.

Derek Gleason

"Test Results = Long-term Sales"

Other factors can create a gap between test results and post-implementation performance. Ideally, you can close the gap by accurately calculating a net value for your testing program.

Derek Gleason

"Test Only One Thing At A Time"

At its heart, optimization is about balance.

Sawaram Suthar

"CRO Is The Solution To Everything"

CRO is not the replacement for content, user experience, and SEO, design, and quality product. These prerequisites have to be in place before you are heading to invest in Conversion Rate Optimization.

Inbound Rocket

"Conversion Rate Optimization Is About Making Small Design Tweaks"

CRO is is about much more than just some cosmetic changes to your website. There are lots more things you can test. Things like product “quick views”, or one-page checkout processes can all help you get better conversions from your visitors.

Inbound Rocket

"All Visitors Use The Website In The Same Way"

There will always be exceptions to the rule, of course, and some visitors might behave in the same way as you. But must visitors will have their own flow through your website.

Inbound Rocket

"Surveys Are Not Needed, I Know Everything About My Users"

Is it worth it to eliminate useless pieces of copy to make it shorter and to the point? Of course, but don’t forget you’re trying to take away someone doubt and concerns they have about you. So don’t go for brevity just for the sake of brevity, aim t...

Audrey Romano

"CRO Is Really About Spying The Competition"

Your competition may have different traffic sources, different sets of customers, completely opposite branding, etc. What works for others won’t necessarily work for you.

Audrey Romano

"CRO Is Not About Understanding Statistics"

Stats allow you to know all the data you need and optimize according to facts, not whimsical psychic suggestive impressions.

Audrey Romano

"The Best CRO Methods Are Universal And Eternal"

Never let a specific win influence your view of CRO in the long haul. Moreover, don’t forget to monitor your conversion rates on a regular basis so as to always know how your website responds to particular changes and tweaks.

Audrey Romano

"CRO Will Ensure Low Conversion Rates Are Killed"

Design, copy and even layout tweaks may help you improve some parts of your website, but they won’t be enough to cure low conversion rates.

Taylor Moore

"We Can Just Find Some Tips And Do It Really Quickly"

If you back yourself up with data and have a well-developed process to follow, in the very early stages of CRO you will be able to set your priorities and invest time in that what matters.

Elite Sem

"A Professionally Designed Page Is Enough To Convert Your Website Visitors"

Should also provide solutions to the problems and challenges your audience is facing so you can move them from an initial interest to a desire to take action. Design definitely makes a difference, but never forget your copy.

Elite Sem

"If My Tests Underperform, Then They Were A Waste Of Time"

This information empowers you to make intelligent decisions and create strategic plans that have a greater chance of succeeding because you are using data to back up your hypotheses.

Elite Sem

"CRO Is Simply A Mixture Of Gut Intuition, Opinions And Best Practices"

When you have an opinion or a gut feeling about something, line it up with the data collection I mentioned. If everything matches up, that is the time to test it. More often than not, you will see more wins when you back up your opinions with facts a...

Elite Sem

"Branding Colors Should Be Used Across The Site, Including The CTAs"

Try testing CTA colors that stand out, even if they don’t match your branded colors.

Conversion Fanatics

"CRO Is All About Tiny Changes Yielding Big, Dramatic Results"

CRO isn’t about finding “silver bullets.” It’s about identifying and testing ways to eliminate or reduce points of friction and improve UX. It’s about creating processes. And to get big, dramatic results, you typically need to implement big, dramatic...

Conversion Fanatics

"Identifying Pain Points Is A Guessing Game"

CRO relies on heat-mapping, mouse-tracking, and user-feedback tools to assess how visitors interact and engage with your site and content and to communicate with visitors directly.

Paul Rouke

"We Have A New Site Coming Up – It’s Better To Wait Until This Is Launched Before Doing CRO"

A conversion optimisation programme will give you some insight into which areas of your website need improvement before redesigning them. Without testing, a redesign is a subjective project, relying on instinct rather than data.

Paul Rouke

"All You Need To Carry Out Testing Is The Tool"

There are now a multitude of tools on the market that organisations can use to start testing. But this is only part of the equation. The testing tool is the means by which you test but it does not improve the quality of your test hypotheses or genera...

Paul Rouke

"We’re Planning On Doing This In-house So Don’t Require External Help"

It could be the lack of a particular expertise (e.g. little or no capabilities to carry out user research, copy expertise or understanding of psychology & persuasion techniques ) or it can simply be they want to validate the work being done in-house ...

Paul Rouke

"There Is No Room In Our Development Schedule For This"

The majority of tests can be done via testing tools, meaning no in-house development is needed. For more innovative tests, where a developer is required, brands can look to the expertise of a conversion optimisation specialist.

Rocky Tayaban

"Statistic Pages Lead To Maximal Conversion"

Personalizing your site will drive the highest lift. Static personalization will only get you so far – once you have completed basic A/B and multivariate testing to determine what static changes will make the largest difference, you’re not done!

Rocky Tayaban

"Statistical Significance Means Revenue"

Pushing tests live for a minimum amount of time rather than a level of statistical significance to ensure that you are actually seeing higher revenue and stronger results.

Dante Naylor

"We Just Need A Short-term Optimisation Project (3-6 Months)"

Customers behaviour is constantly changing alongside changes in the market, changes to your target audience, your advertising mix and messaging, and technology. This means that what was once a winning test may need to be re-evaluated and re-tested.

Dante Naylor

"It’s About Testing Shades Of Blue And Button Colour Changes"

Button colour tests are a tiny element of a potential testing schedule. The types of things that are available to test are elements such as copy, content, personalisation, imagery, photography, process changes, social proof, etc.

Dante Naylor

"Testing Will Impact SEO On Our Site"

This is a common worry for those embarking on testing for the first time. As long as you follow industry advice on SEO when testing, your SEO should not be affected.

Dante Naylor

"I’m Totally On Board But My Boss/CEO/CMO Doesn’t Get It"

There are many ways to approach management, find what works for you and run with it.

Is split testing considered conversion optimization already?

Split testing is just a part of the optimization process. It was a stage to see what is wrong and can be improved. It can be safely said that split testing is just part of the initial testing process.

How many weeks should we test our strategy?

According to Brian Massey they have a 180 day program where they just test things out. So a few weeks is not enough to see quantifiable results.

Is testing opinions optimization?

No, it is not. Optimization is improving the whole process and getting a positive result. It is not just about testing opinions.

Is it safe to follow what competitors are doing?

No. Competitors has their own strategy, it may be good to benchmark but to follow ther steps is not advisable because some factors are only present for them while you may not have all those factors.

Do results from optimization tools absolute?

No. Optimization tools are just tools, human intervention and statistics is very important to make a balanced result and strategy.

Does the testing stage need to involve a developer?

Yes, it does. Though do not employ developers but developers are essential in changing some of the most complex things that may make or break a business testing stage.

Is a successful testing stage means long term result?

No. Testing stage is just testing the waters, it is not an absolute answer. Testing stage gives you a preview but not all the things you need so you may need further observations and research to make it complete.

Can I test a lot of things all at the same time?

Yes! Testing multiple variables at the same time is efficient when it comes to business. It saves time and money while testing just one thing waste a lot of time.

Are CRO results permanent or long-term?

No, they are not permanent. CRO changes with time and you need to adapt, factors may change, trends may change so you need to keep up with those.

Do long content still work?

Yes, they do. In fact, a high-quality long content gets many shares and backlinks compared to shorter ones.

Now that you know what the common misconceptions about conversion rate optimization, you can freely implement strategies without being blinded sided by things being said by people. Information is rampant and sometimes you don’t always have the privileged to check this volume of information. Use these lists well and may convert high.

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