Must-Know Rules For Conversion Rate Optimization

We are sharing a complete guide of conversion rate optimization rules for you to follow and improve your marketing efforts. Avoid failing and adopt the different CRO rules below on different platforms. Start converting now!

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The First Rule of CTAs: Have a [email protected]&%ing CTA

Every landing page should have a conversion opportunity, and every conversion opportunity needs a corresponding call-to-action (CTA) in order to be successful.

The Five-Second Test

If you run this test and come to find out that your landing page is not encouraging the actions you were hoping for, Oli recommends clarifying the page intent for your users.

Run Valid A/B Tests

A valid A/B test ensures that your ideas are given proper consideration. Without a valid test, you can come to incorrect conclusions that only create problems down the road.

Optimize The Post-conversion Experience

Confirmation pages are still very underutilized. They are visited every time you get a conversion, so you should be paying close attention to what you say, and more importantly ask people to do on them.

Create Great Content To Improve Lead Gen Conversions

Inbound marketing has taken over in smart companies as the way to drive quality traffic and generate relevant leads. So how is it used to increase lead gen conversions? Essentially, it’s about producing super helpful and educational material that can...

Link Your Images

Use a trackable URL to tag your images, so you can see how many people clicked on the image vs text links.

Translate Your Data Into Ads

Now that you have a general direction for your ad objective, it’s time to translate all that into a strategy to start your ad.

Layer Targeting Audience To Pinpoint Buying Intent

Apart from demographics and location, you can take your ad to another level by using layered targeting. This Facebook advertising tip goes well beyond the demographics.

Choose An Ad Format

Posting ads on Facebook is more than simply uploading an image/video and waiting for the pay-per-click algorithm to kick in. Marketers need to put more thought into the overall user experience with the right ad format for optimal reach and engagement...

Ad Scheduling

Facebook allows users to schedule posts and publish it when they see fit, depending on your budget. To find out the best time and day to post-run your campaign; take a look at your page insights to understand better when your audience is most active ...

Optimizing Your Ad Schedule

You might notice when analyzing your Facebook ad accounts that some hours and days outperform the rest. It’s important to know this timetable, and use it to effectively connect with your users when they’re active and engaged.

Testing Highly Differentiated Variations

Most advertisers on Facebook usually make the mistake of testing out too many ad formats all at once. If you want relevant experiment results, you need to collect a minimum of 100 conversions, either leads or clicks, per variation before you can make...


Gather Feedback From The Frontlines

You can glean invaluable insight by talking to the people who spend all day on the phone with your customers. This can then be fed back into your new testing ideas.

Gather Feedback At The Point Of Conversion

This is similar to the first idea, but instead of asking an internal team, you ask your customers directly via tools like live chat or in-page surveys to uncover areas of friction at the point of conversion.

Offer One Thing And One Thing Only

Unless you’re sending an email that segments your lists into two different buying groups, then the rule is never to offer more than one product, service, or solution in the same email.

Give Gifts

That’s right. Send a new how-to guide or video tip and ask for nothing from your list in return.

Don’t Sell In Every Email

Sometimes you need to give away a little value, and ask for nothing in return. This doesn’t mean consistently giving gifts as we mentioned in the previous rule. Instead, try informing your audience about something relevant to them.

Ad Creative

Ad creative is an image/video that contains the visual attributes of an ad. We already know that the ad text shouldn't take up to 20% of the photo. Aside from that, it’s suggested to have colorful ads when you advertise on Facebook to easily attract ...

A/B Testing

How do you know if an ad is working? Is there a way to optimize it for future campaigns? Of course, there is, and it’s called ads A/B testing or split testing. It’s essentially experimenting with two or more variants of an ad to find out which gets b...

Using The FTO (fast Take-off) Tactic

Sometimes, campaign take-off can be delayed and take some time. It can often take days before a user has enough campaign results to start optimizing, especially when working with small budgets. But you can accelerate this Facebook ads conversion opti...

Selecting The Right Campaign Objective

The campaign objective informs Facebook of the ultimate goal of your advertising campaign, and also helps Facebook’s algorithms optimize your ad delivery for best results.

Free Shipping Works Wonders

For ecommerce sites in particular, adding a free shipping threshold can meaningfully boost your conversions, as one retailer found out.

Make Your Shopping Cart Visible All The Time

Make sure your customers get nonstop access to their shopping carts. Place the shopping cart at the right hand top corner of their screen. Out of habit, shoppers check the items which they have decided to purchase and so you have to provide them acce...

Give Them Free Shipping

Statistics have shown that shipping charges kill conversions! In another study, it was calculated that 55% of shoppers abandon shopping carts because of shipping costs.

Show Discounts And Specials Clearly

Information about these offerings must be clearly seen on your website. The best place for it is your home page. As your discounts and special offerings will enhance your conversion rates, make sure that they catch the attention of your customers imm...

User Testing

Develop A Hypothesis Before Starting Your Test

A hypothesis is a reasoned statement of what you are going to test, why you are testing it, and what you are looking to achieve. It’s the foundation of how to alter/design your test variant page and is developed either from data learned from the two ...

Landing Pages

Simplify Your Landing Pages

Simpler is pretty much always better. As you learned on Monday (if you read my post on CTA placement), the 5-point punch can be used to make your landing page short and simple by incorporating the right elements.

Remind Yourself That Every Page Can Be Better

This doesn’t need much explanation. Just keep telling yourself that the optimization and testing process is never really over. Yes, there is always another page to optimize, just don’t forget about pages you’ve tested.

Getting Rid Of Friction In The Form Of Navigation

The majority of pages on the web and all landing pages, for sure, have just one goal: to get their visitors to convert. One of the biggest problems that can negatively impact conversion rates is when a landing page suffers from too much clutter in th...

Place Images Of High Resolution

Images of your product are the most critical visual element of your website. You must have images that are high resolution ones which can showcase your products in the best possible manner.

On Landing Page, Place Some Part Of Featured Products

Precise, featured products/services must be displayed on the landing page. This will make things clear to visitors to your site; it will enable them to focus on what they would prefer to purchase. This will be a great boost to conversion rates.

Show Contact Information

You can make your website conversion-friendly by including simple things like contact information on it. Since trust is an integral part of online shopping, this info is vital. Customers who trust your website will purchase from it and you’ll get tru...

Many Payment Options

Some shoppers may not like to share details of their credit cards on your website. This means they will leave it before purchasing anything. So offer them many payment options.

Provide Advanced Search

An advanced search service will help customers to easily find the products they are looking for. The search bar plays a key role in website navigation. This is especially true of large online business websites.


Discuss Your Successess

Testing is hard. Not everyone has the skills or ideas to make it a success, and not every good idea ends up being successful. But a key to producing success is to be transparent.

Remove The Roadblocks

Get rid of any roadblocks in your path. Think about anything that may discourage a visitor to buy your product. The difficult thing is finding that roadblock, hampering your growth.

Personalize Your Message

Email marketing tools such as Infusionsoft and MailChimp allow you to use the recipient’s name not only in the greeting, but also in the message itself. Try inserting a name in the middle of the sentence, and your reader will engage on a deeper level...

Lead Generation

Track Your Results To Create Case Studies

When you finish a test, you MUST keep a record of the results. Too often a new test starts and you can lose data or even the rationale behind your test. This is something you need to do before, during and after the test.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Experiments

Sometimes, the experiments go in the wrong direction. On several occasions, they get the right results. But you’ll never know until you have tried it out.

Offer Support After Conversions

Once a visitor understands that a genuine post-conversion support mechanism is there, he will begin to trust you. Then, a visitor will turn into a lead, and possibly end up availing your services.

Plot Out Your Strategy

Posting Facebook ads can be tricky. That's why we need to know it's importance for your campaign first before we dive into the checklist. This will help you create a solid Facebook ad campaign that you can further optimize with the checklist.

Know Your Audience

Who are the people most likely to purchase your product or avail of your service? It can be hard to single out every person on the internet. Good thing Facebook can lend a helping hand with this when you enter information about who your audience may ...

Create Lookalike Audiences

Facebook took its targeting capabilities one step further with a Lookalike Audience. No, it won’t search for people who look like you or any celebrity. What the algorithm of this Facebook ads optimization tool does is it searches for new people who a...

Excluding Converted Audience From Your Target Audience

Honestly, it makes no sense to keep serving the same ad campaigns to a viewer who has already converted on the offer. Hence, this converted audience should be moved to the next marketing funnel stage where they are targeted with new messages. Instead...

Know Who Your Target Audience Is

Firstly you must know exactly who your targeted audience is. Who are the ones who will ultimately purchase your services or products from your site? Since purchasing is an emotional choice, you have to know just what those emotions are that will indu...


Make Your Brand Authentic

Making an impression on your users means standing out from a crowd; people want to interact with a brand that is thorough, reliable and trustworthy.

Design For Conversion

Numerous clients are vouching for a beautiful web design. Design is very crucial in conversion optimization.


Write Content That Converts

Remember that you’re only here to sell a product or service. So, make your purpose clear to the visitors/readers.

Give Your Links Some Room

Put in a little white space and your click rate will increase. Try split-testing link colors and bold font versus italics, as well.

Offer Plain Text Options

People with slow connections are your audience too. If you want to sell to these people, or even people who simply prefer plain text, then give them a faster loading email.

Capture Attention With Images

Our brains are wired to process images differently than text. If you want recipients to pay attention to your content and take action, then pique their curiosity with an image in your email.

Have Noticeable Subject Lines

Use their first name in the subject line. Make it relevant to your markets’ needs. Up the urgency factor. Pique curiosity.

It Must Include An Enticing Value Proposition

A good value prop provides captivating, credible, and concrete reasons why your products and services are different and better.

It Must Have A Clear Call To Action

No matter how relevant and beautiful your ad is, if it has no call to action (CTA), it’s a waste of money and effort. Viewers may like it, but they aren’t going to do anything about it.

Website Readability: Make It Bigger

Consider the reality that your leads and visitors don’t even actually read much of the copy on your site. According to UX Myths, people usually just skim site content. With these short attention spans, it’s all the more crucial that what little of yo...

Provide Engaging And Detailed Product Info

Provide much more information about your product than that in a newspaper advertisement. This is another great conversion-trigger. Your product copy should be interesting, complete and engaging.

Email Marketing

Don’t Ask For Excessive Information

It’s no hidden fact that intrusion of privacy is never appreciated. So, inquire for information that is necessary. Or just ask as little as possible.

Have A Clear Call To Action

If you want your email recipients to take action, make it abundantly clear what you want them to do. Keep it simple and short and sweet.


Facebook’s Rules And Automation

Facebook’s Rules and Automation helps you manage multiple ads running at the same time. Not enough time to manage all the ads you’re running? Enter Facebook automation rules for ad campaigns.

Look Beyond Facebook Ads

There are quite a few things that you can do to maximize conversions beyond this Facebook ad optimization checklist and the social media platform itself. Allow us to give you an idea of how to do that.

It Must Be Visually Appealing

Facebook likes pretty things, too: visual content is more likely to appear favorably in its placement algorithm. Readers are also more likely to remember and share those ads that have a strong visual element.

It Must Be Relevant

In Facebook as in all advertising, relevance is crucial for success. The grooviest ad in the world is pointless if it doesn’t mean anything to your intended audience. Remember, you are spending money on every view or click on your ad (depending on yo...

Setting Up Auto-optimization Rules

Your life as a digital marketer just got so much easier! As Facebook gets busy carrying out automated optimization on your ads based on your preset rules, you can now turn your focus back to brainstorming new campaign ideas.

Social Media

Optimize Likes And Shares For Your Facebook Ads

Put simply, the likes and shares earned by your Facebook ads are a form of social proof. They are a sign to your viewers that other like-minded individuals support your product or business, thus adding to its perceived intrinsic value.

How does navigation affect conversions in e-commerce?

In E-commerce, everything needs to be fast and accessible. Your loading page, scrolling, and other elements that can help your visitors browse through are important. Navigation plays an important role in the convenience of your visitors the most.

Should I use videos or images for marketing?

It will all come down to the kind of product or service you are offering. However, videos are highly preferred by consumers so that they could see the benefits and visuals of what you’re offering directly.

Is it okay to give customers free shipping?

Yes! But obviously not all the time. Studies show that free shipping improves conversion by a whole lot. A huge number of potential customers abandon their shopping cart due to shipping fee charges.

How many payment options should I provide?

As many as you legally can! The more the better. A percentage of shoppers abandon their shopping carts because they couldn’t pay in the way they want to or they can. Include payment methods from credit cards, E-cash to COD, etc.

What do I do to improve my email conversion rate optimization?

Emails lets you get in direct contact with your leads/past customers. Remember to use a killer subject line and attention-grabbing visuals for your emails. Then the most important of all, use the proper CTAs.

How many conversions does Facebook need to optimize?

Statistics show that you should generate at least 15-25 sales a week in a conversion event on Facebook. If not, then consider changing your strategies and ads to optimize your conversions.

How can I create eye-catching visuals?

Visuals portray the sincerity and reputation of your company. Knowing this, you should not overload your images with text. Use high-quality images only. Opt for GIFs or videos when you see fit.

What are the main delivery optimization options for Facebook Ads?

Here are seven factors you need to analyze to test out the effectivity of each of your Facebook Ads: link clicks to website, conversion, impressions, daily unique reach, video views, post engagement, and page likes.

Can user’s first impression affect conversion?

Definitely. In fact, you need to focus on first impressions to increase conversion. Everything should be taken into account, from improving your layout design, website speed, content that can evoke the visitor’s emotion, to the basic colors of every text, and CTAs.

How do I choose the right Facebook ad type?

You need to consider a few things when choosing a Facebook ad format that can convert. Look at carousel ads, collection ads, Facebook offer ads, and Facebook Canvas ads to have a more optimized CRO.

Improve your conversion rates with the rules we have suggested and test out which ones you will have to follow through. Not everything will work out for you of course and you should rely on statistically significant results.

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