The Most Efficient Conversion Strategies

If you are stuck in the average conversion rate along with your competitors, you might want to add the strategies we have outlined below to help you boost your business. Utilize them to your advantage!

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Social Proof

Influence And Persuade Users Using Social Proof And FOMO

FOMO, which stands for ‘fear of missing out’ is leading a lot of the actions we do online today. It’s what is pushing us to keep checking our Facebook timeline and taking our devices wherever we’re going. Using social proof, instead, you leverage oth...


Key Visitor Tasks Defined

Buyer personas or marketing personas are imaginary representations of businesses’ ideal customers. They are really helpful in terms of marketing, sales, product and services by internalizing the ideal customer we aim to target.


Create Your Customer Value Proposition

Customer value proposition, or CVP for short, describes the added value that you bring to your customers so that they ultimately choose your company over your competition.

Social Proof

Convince Users With Social Proof To Improve Conversion Rates

Marketers are using social proof as a solid marketing strategy to strengthen their conversion rate optimization techniques and boost conversions.


Use Conversion Optimization Tools To Improve Conversion Rates

Conversion rate optimization tools are critical to lead generation strategy. They will help you to evaluate your website and show you why you are not converting visitors to leads and customers. The resulting data will enable you to optimize your site...

Lead Generation

Employ Lead Capture Forms To Increase Conversions

The main element that is influencing your conversion rate is the lead capture form. This tool is crucial to your WCO or conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy because it determines the lead from non-leads.


Use Explainer Videos To Generate More Leads & Boost Conversion Rates

Video content is a powerful digital marketing tool that can convey your brand message in a simple, yet effective way. Not to mention, explainer videos work so efficiently in that, they blend visual incentives with audio to explain ideas in an easy to...


Develop Conversion Measurables

A sustainable website conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy starts with identifying your targets for every webpage. This approach signifies that your successes correlate to the goals of your landing pages.


Optimize Your Website Conversion Funnel

To make your conversion funnel work for you, you cannot start implementing strategies out of the blues. You need to identify what is already working and run tests. Apply expert advice and opinions and run tests on every step of the way.


Use Videos To Hook Users And Explain Your Product

Videos are no longer an “up-and-coming” marketing tactic. It’s here, and it’s a powerful way to communicate your brand story, explain your value proposition, and build relationships with your customers and prospects in all the marketing funnel.

Landing Page

Reduce Bounce And Exit Rates

Analysing and understanding your bounce and exit rates is a very important strategy as in both cases, a very high index of both means a lack of engagement of your users towards your website and your products.


Highlight Your Users’ Must-have Experience

The type of person viewing the page is very important, sometimes even more than the page itself. If people are not converting it may be because they arrived based on a false promise. Those are users you can’t really convert because they are not going...


Growth In Customer Retention.

It costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. Only a 5% increase in retention results in 25-95% growth in profits. Your chance of selling to a new prospect is only 5-20%. Your chance of selling to an existing custome...


Set Up Goals And Funnels In Google Analytics

Setting these up right will show you where you’re losing traffic and where your biggest opportunities may be.


Conduct Usability Tests

Survey customers any way you want – through email, calls, or directly on the website. Remember not to give a choice of answers, their answers must be theirs and in their own words.


Create A Spreadsheet Of Collected Issues And Objections

Collect all the usability issues and objections from stage 1 into two tabs in one spreadsheet. Highlight those you believe could be affecting your conversion rate the most.


Develop Variations For Testing

Don’t test too many things at once – you need to be able to keep track of what is bringing the conversions up or down. Don’t forget to track every element you test and the results in your spreadsheet.

Landing Page

Reduce Friction

The smoother your user’s journey is, the faster they will get to that conversion. Get rid of anything that may evoke an objection from the visitor.


Directly Multiply Profits

First, and most clearly, multiplying your conversion rate will directly impact your revenue and profits. What is less obvious is how conversion rates have a disproportionate effect on your profits.


Lower Your Cost Per Customer Acquisition

When you increase your conversion rate, you are also lowering your cost per acquisition. While this is another obvious point, the implications are tremendous. Spending less on your variable cost of business means you generate more profit per sale.


Add Channels For Lead Generation

Companies with higher conversion rates are at a distinct advantage when bidding against other companies. The added margin you have allows you to profitably outbid your competitors, converting still more customers, and on in a virtuous cycle.


Increase Affiliate Benefits & Pay

Similarly, your ability to partner with affiliates grow in lock-step to your ability to convert traffic. Affiliate partnerships through Instagram influencers, Youtube, Snapchat, and even Twitch continue to drive attention and massive sales.


Work From A Unified Data Set

While CRO and UX might apply different methods, they need to be able to view the same insights and customer records to collaborate on an effective strategy.


Recording Tools

While numbers paint a picture of what works, tools like heat maps and screen recordings will reveal why it works. User recording tools allow you to see how visitors move through your website from their point of view.

Social Media

Social Listening

Users tend to be very forthcoming on social media, especially if they have something negative to say. By staying in-tune with what your users post and engage with on social media, you can gain valuable insight into their pain points and triggers.

Landing Page

Get More Strategic With Your CTAs

The old “call to action” (CTA), is a marketing standby, not a trend by any stretch of the imagination. CTAs, of course, prompt visitors to take action and should be present on all pages.


Use The Market Basket Analysis To Boost Sales Among Existing Audiences

There’s a concept known as the Market Basket Analysis, which is a way for sellers to identify connections between the products they sell. In a CRO context, you’d use this strategy to learn if your customer segments are likely to buy another set of pr...


Find (and Kill) Your Conversion Killers

Okay, this is an unpleasant topic, but if you want to drive conversions, you need to figure out what you’re doing that drives customers away.

Landing Page

Chatbots For CRO

No longer the frustrating experience they were a few years back, businesses are increasingly using chatbots to improve the on-site experience.

Landing Page

CRO Needs To Reflect New Ways Of Searching

According to a study by Juniper Research, the number of people using voice-based assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant will increase by 1000% over the next five years.


SEO + CRO Get Closer

There’s a lot to be said about the relationship between CRO and SEO. But at the end of the day, both perform best when working toward a shared goal.


Combine Great Design With Powerful Stories

With SEO and social both becoming more competitive, it’s more important than ever to develop a unique brand persona across multiple channels.


Continue To Keyword-optimize

You’ll need to make sure you have a clear understanding of your target audience and the search queries they’ll use to find your brand. In 2020, you’ll still need to use long-tail keywords to target more specific groups on search engines.


SEOs need to embrace CRO-style testing

CRO involves a ton of testing to help teams understand which pages are likely to drive the most conversions. While A/B testing is old news for CRO, it has yet to gain traction among SEOs. That said, we’ll likely see more SEO-based testing as Google s...


Simplify The Decision-making Process

Driving conversions, is in part, an exercise in efficiency. By reducing the options available on one page, you’re reducing the time it takes for customers to make a decision.


Obtain Consent Where Necessary

Any testing tools that store personal data do require consent, though anonymous surveys like NPS do not. You may also want to look for a solution that “buckets” data to protect your business against the threat of a data breach.


Update Your Privacy Policy

Let users know what “opting in” really entails. Keep in mind, even if you’re just using Google analytics, you’ll need to let customers know. Any data you collect should be used to improve the customer experience.


Avoid Storing Certain Types Of Data

Stop collecting things like traffic location, device IDs, or other details that cross over into the personal space unless you plan on adding it to your policy


Don’t Focus Testing On One Person

Don’t combine heatmaps, scroll maps, and other user-testing tools with other data sources, particularly while looking at a single person. It’s too easy to learn WAY too much about a person by combining data sets, so you’ll want to tread carefully her...


Produce Regular Content

If you have your blogging website, then you can talk about your industry and the trending ongoings of it to help members in your sector realize that you are well-versed with your business. You must make sure that the articles you write must help your...

Social Media

Make use of Instagram stories

Used by around 500 million users, Instagram stories have become a powerful medium of promotion.


Utilize Special Holidays

People love buying products on holidays as they get enthralled by the additional discount offers during this period.


Practice Multi-channel Selling

In the eCommerce business, it is always good to reach out to the audience on different platforms. This helps to offer the products and services to a broader audience leading to more conversions.

Lead Generation

Collaborate As Much As Possible

Tools like SemRush help you to conduct market research and know your competitors. It even helps you to analyze the most significant market players in your niche and the sites they receive backlinks from. Thus, making it easier for you to explore the ...


Make The Most Of High-performing Blog Posts

There is no denying the fact that blog posts are a great opportunity for conversion rate optimization. To start, recognize blog posts with high web-traffic and low conversion rates.


Utilize Retargeting

This method helps win back a potential customer who has visited your website. Leverage retargeting (also called remarketing) to re-engage those who have left the site.


Use Videos To Explain Your Product

Videos are the best way to engage users and make them feel involved by telling your business’s story. Whether you use hand-drawn explainer videos, digital drawings or claymation, they will help you effectively convey your value proposition.

Landing Page

Tests Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are a relevant part of a modern marketer’s toolkit. The landing page is where the site visitor turns into a lead, or the existing lead interacts with your business.


Create An Optimal Experience For Your Customers

Your visitor’s profile is sometimes even more important than your page. If your visitors are not transforming into customers, it might be because they arrived at your page on a false promise.

Landing Page

Make Your Landing Pages Seamless And Mobile-friendly

A brand’s ability to win over buyers via social boils down to creating a seamless experience. Think about how users navigate Instagram, swiping and tapping as they move from Point A to Point B. Your social landing pages should follow the same princip...


Include Compelling Calls To Action

Sometimes increasing your social media conversion rate means making small tweaks to your profiles and captions. Asking for followers to check out your recent promotions is totally fair game, granted you’re tactful about it.

Social Media

Split Test Your Social Posts

Just like any sort of marketing metric, analyzing your social media conversion rate means looking at your data. By understanding your posts by the numbers, you can adjust your content strategy to align with your social media conversion strategy.


Be Consistent With Your Branding

Creative elements such as your tone, imagery and color scheme need to be consistent as your customers approach the point of purchase. Although this might not seem like a make-or-break moment, pulling a creative bait-and-switch on your followers can b...

What are conversion strategies?

Conversion strategies are the backbone of your marketing efforts. It adds value to your brand and converts potential leads into paying customers. In general, these strategies work to increase conversion rates.

What are some conversion strategies?

The following are the most common conversion strategies but not exhaustive: direct changeover, parallel conversion, gradual/phased conversion, modular conversion, and distributed conversion.

What is the difference between acquisition and conversion strategies?

Customer acquisition and conversion strategies focus on entirely different things but are fairly important. Acquisition strategies target is to get new customers into your store while conversion strategies are made to turn mere visitors (new/old) to paying customers.

How do I capture the right market?

One of the best strategies of all time is to target the right audience who has the highest potential to buy your product/service. The following categories can help you capture the right market: demographic data, socio-economic data, purchase behavior, and geographic data.

What is the best strategy for content marketing?

The first impression of your reputation starts with content. Have people talk about your emails, blog sites, social media page posts, and website articles by producing content that's engaging enough for the audience.

How do I measure the success of my conversion strategies?

You can measure the success rate of the implementation of your strategies by testing them! Consider using analytic sites like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Segment, and Similar Web, which are free to use.

What are the elements of a conversion strategy?

A well-developed conversion strategy starts with the team who are developing it — employee training. development programs and the latest technology can make a difference. Then focus on your customer service, pricing, store layout, and CTAs.

How do you increase lead conversion?

Marketers say lead conversion rate is the most challenging part to deal with. First, you practice lead nurturing. Then you set high lead quality standards with a lead scoring system. Connect your CRM and marketing automation platform. From there you can capture the lead information and run data verification.

Which of the conversion strategies involve the highest risk?

Studies show that phased conversion takes the longest compared to the other types of conversion strategies. It has the highest risk due to the amount you have to invest in implementing it. However costly, it takes the least amount of time out of the conversion strategies.

Is it a good idea to map my sales process?

Yes, a brilliant idea in fact. You can solve future problems if you map out your sales process, step by step. Circumstances and customers will be predictable in the future and you will learn more effective ways to handle them through your diagram maps.

If there's any strategy in this guide that sounds good and fresh to you, it might just be the saving grace of your business! Try it out now and ake your conversion rate optimization skills to the next level!

We collect the most interesting content around conversion rate optimization. Let us know your best email to receive our favorite pieces weekly in your inbox!